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It is not easy for us to talk impartially about our grandfather and founder, "Piero Santini", without turning a person, who has given us so much in terms of affection, into a living myth. Nonetheless, we can easily speak about the entrepreneur who, at the beginning of the fifties, managed to form the basis for a nowadays Europe-wide consolidated company by means of his firm will and farsightedness. Sixty years that have witnessed the evolution of men and technologies, always accompanied by a strong personality man, able to motivate anybody with his enthusiasm. This leaflet is dedicated to our grandfather, to whom we send our warmest "thank you"



A new brand is born


In 2013 the new brand "RP Santini officina italiana" is born. People and their experience, quality and reliability remain the same. While our memorable brand Rubinetteria Parmense will be dealing with sales activities, the new brand will be concerned with the whole production of turned parts and customized items, according to the customer's drawing.








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